Ballett Unterricht
Katherina Markowskaja

Theresienstr. 91
80333 München


Beginners wanted!! (all other levels up to professional also available –

Have you always wanted to know what all the ballet terms are? Fancied having a go, but did not really want to go to a class?
What better time than now when most are staying at home!
This very experienced and beautiful dancer will share with you life classes daily , which are then accessible each for 24 hrs so you can catch up if you miss it at th he time of transmission.
She will explain and show everything from scratch, so even if you are a total beginner, it will still be easy to follow.
With daily sessions, you will have a thorough understanding of the basics so you can either take it from there, or have a better understanding of the dance when you are watching performances, greatly enhancing the experience!!
Nowhere can you be taught by a professional principal dancer like this for a very small amount.
All in the comfort of your own home 💖
I am signing up right now!!! Are you?
For more info dm me or email Katharina direct at: